End of Summer 2018 Updates

Dan would like to introduce you to BENJI BLABSTEIN. Below is Benji's debut video; he is a Brander, Influencer, and Afficianado. In this this clip Benji BUSTS onto a backyard in Los Angeles offering his very personal brand of advice, expertise and talent.

Dan plays Peter in Episode 4, "Lovebirds" of The SaltimBanks.

Dan co-stars in MISTRUST with Jane Seymour and Parker Stevenson, now available on Showtime On Demand. 


OFF TRACK in which Dan plays Luke has recently completed filming. The new trailer is below.

For more information visit: www.offtrackfilm.com.

LIFT had its first official screening at Lion's Gate in Los Angeles in August and will be hitting the festival circuit soon.


SWEETHEART won Best Short at the 2018 Canadian Diversity Film Festival and Best First Short at the 2018 Experimental Forum in Los Angeles.


SEAL THE DEAL, a short film directed by Dane Benko, starring Dan Shaked screened at Filmshop Presents: Unfinished Business at Rough Trade NYC. 

Participated in playwright Catherine Castellani's 6-week Studio Residency at HB Studio in New York, appearing in a series of readings of her upcoming play 2Y20M about the Biosphere 2 in Arizona.   


THE PIRATE CAPTAIN TOLEDANO screened at over a dozen film festivals including the 2018 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival and Boca Raton Film Festival.

The Pirate Captain Toledano is also now available to rent or own on Amazon Prime. (CLICK HERE) 


AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD premiered on Fox Asia Action Movies. Dan starred as Nial, with Estella Warren.


Participated in the La Mama Umbria International Playwright Retreat Alumni Readings 2018 in Leila TahaBurt's DOUBLE BILL directed by Susan Tenney.


Dan performed in Raquel Almazan's LA NEGRA at the Hi-Art's El Barrio Artspace PS109.

IVY has screened in over half a dozen film festivals including Utopia Film Fest and Yonkers International Film Festival in New York.