End of Summer 2018 Updates

Dan would like to introduce you to BENJI BLABSTEIN. Below is Benji's debut video; he is a Brander, Influencer, and Afficianado. In this this clip Benji BUSTS onto a backyard in Los Angeles offering his very personal brand of advice, expertise and talent.

Dan plays Peter in Episode 4, "Lovebirds" of The SaltimBanks.

Dan co-stars in MISTRUST with Jane Seymour and Parker Stevenson, now available on Showtime On Demand. 


OFF TRACK in which Dan plays Luke has recently completed filming. The new trailer is below.

For more information visit: www.offtrackfilm.com.

LIFT had its first official screening at Lion's Gate in Los Angeles in August and will be hitting the festival circuit soon.


SWEETHEART won Best Short at the 2018 Canadian Diversity Film Festival and Best First Short at the 2018 Experimental Forum in Los Angeles.


SEAL THE DEAL, a short film directed by Dane Benko, starring Dan Shaked screened at Filmshop Presents: Unfinished Business at Rough Trade NYC. 

Participated in playwright Catherine Castellani's 6-week Studio Residency at HB Studio in New York, appearing in a series of readings of her upcoming play 2Y20M about the Biosphere 2 in Arizona.   


THE PIRATE CAPTAIN TOLEDANO screened at over a dozen film festivals including the 2018 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival and Boca Raton Film Festival.

The Pirate Captain Toledano is also now available to rent or own on Amazon Prime. (CLICK HERE) 


AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD premiered on Fox Asia Action Movies. Dan starred as Nial, with Estella Warren.


Participated in the La Mama Umbria International Playwright Retreat Alumni Readings 2018 in Leila TahaBurt's DOUBLE BILL directed by Susan Tenney.


Dan performed in Raquel Almazan's LA NEGRA at the Hi-Art's El Barrio Artspace PS109.

IVY has screened in over half a dozen film festivals including Utopia Film Fest and Yonkers International Film Festival in New York.


Film Wrapped, "Playwrights For A Cause" Coming Soon, and more news

On July 23rd Dan will be appearing in David Stallings' world-premier "Baby Monitor", as part of the Playwrights for a Cause benefit at Planet Connections Festivity in New York. The one night only benefit for the New York Civil Liberty Union will include plays by Lyle Kessler, Jose Rivera, and performances by many talented actors including the legendary Carol Kane. More information available at http://planetconnections.org/playwrights-for-a-cause-2017/.


Dan participated in the Great Plains Theater Conference in Omaha where he was in a reading of Jessica Moss' "Cam Baby" directed by Kip Fagan.

Also in June, Dan filmed a role in "Harsh Reality", an upcoming cyber-punk thriller (release date TBD).

The Pirate Captain Toledano has already screened at several festivals including the LA Jewish Film Festival and the Near Nazareth Film Festival (winner, Best Historical Film). Upcoming screenings include Global Impact Film Festival (Washington D.C.), I Chill Manilla International, Action on Film Festival (Las Vegas), Oceanside Film Festival (San Diego).

IVY has also been making the rounds. At the Kirchner Film Festival in Ontario, Canada it picked up the award for best horror short. 


A Month of Readings in New York

Over the past several weeks Dan has had the pleasure of participating in three staged readings of works by three different playwrights.  

Dan was delighted to return to Planet Connection Theatre Festivity, where he received an award for Best Supporting Performance in 2009. Planet Connection Theatre Festivity's "Playwrights for a Cause" is organized by Glory Kadigan and Brock Harris Hill, and benefits New York Civil Liberties Union with "The Protest Plays," stories of standing up to injustice written by celebrated authors". Dan participated in a closed workshop reading of David Stallings' upcoming play Baby Monitor. The play was selected by a committee of renowned authors including Catherine Filloux, Lyle Kessler, Jose Rivera and ReGina Taylor who will also present new works at the festival.

Dan (top row, fifth from the right) at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity,  Playwrights for a Cause  in New York. (Photo by Planet Connections)

Dan (top row, fifth from the right) at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Playwrights for a Cause in New York. (Photo by Planet Connections)

Sponsored by the City University of New York's Academy for the Humanities and Sciences and the National Science Foundation, "The Art of Science" reading series presented a staged reading on Lauren Gunderson's Silent Sky at the CUNY Graduate Center on 5th Avenue. "Silent Sky tells the true story of early 20th century astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt, exploring a woman's place in society during a time of immense scientific discovery". Dan read the role of Peter Shaw.

From "The Art of Science" website.

From "The Art of Science" website.

Reuniting with colleagues from the Great Plains Theatre Conference, Dan had a fantastic time performing in playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman's new piece, Man and Woman this week at Dixon Place on the Lower East Side opposite Amanda Ladd, directed by Kim Gambino. 

Photos below by Emily Hewitt

Two New Short Films WRAPPED!

Last weekend, Dan shot two new short films: "Off Track" and "Fine Print" in Southern California. "Fine Print" was directed by Timon Birkhofer &  Jørg Kundinger, written by S. Christian Roe, with co-stars Nina Rausch, Stephen Todt and Jessica Lauren Richmond. 

Dan on the set of "Fine Print". March 12, 2017

Dan on the set of "Fine Print". March 12, 2017

"Off Track", also wrapped shooting this past weekend. Directed by Oswaldo Martinez, written by and co-starring Sean McClam. Produced by Oscar winner Lynn Appelle, Manaal Khan, Matthew Lank, Sean McClam, Matt Nicholas, and Gabriel Torosyan. The short film co-starred Brian Anthony Wilson, and Mark Berry, and Jessica Sarah Flaum.