A Month of Readings in New York

Over the past several weeks Dan has had the pleasure of participating in three staged readings of works by three different playwrights.  

Dan was delighted to return to Planet Connection Theatre Festivity, where he received an award for Best Supporting Performance in 2009. Planet Connection Theatre Festivity's "Playwrights for a Cause" is organized by Glory Kadigan and Brock Harris Hill, and benefits New York Civil Liberties Union with "The Protest Plays," stories of standing up to injustice written by celebrated authors". Dan participated in a closed workshop reading of David Stallings' upcoming play Baby Monitor. The play was selected by a committee of renowned authors including Catherine Filloux, Lyle Kessler, Jose Rivera and ReGina Taylor who will also present new works at the festival.

Dan (top row, fifth from the right) at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity,  Playwrights for a Cause  in New York. (Photo by Planet Connections)

Dan (top row, fifth from the right) at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Playwrights for a Cause in New York. (Photo by Planet Connections)

Sponsored by the City University of New York's Academy for the Humanities and Sciences and the National Science Foundation, "The Art of Science" reading series presented a staged reading on Lauren Gunderson's Silent Sky at the CUNY Graduate Center on 5th Avenue. "Silent Sky tells the true story of early 20th century astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt, exploring a woman's place in society during a time of immense scientific discovery". Dan read the role of Peter Shaw.

From "The Art of Science" website.

From "The Art of Science" website.

Reuniting with colleagues from the Great Plains Theatre Conference, Dan had a fantastic time performing in playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman's new piece, Man and Woman this week at Dixon Place on the Lower East Side opposite Amanda Ladd, directed by Kim Gambino. 

Photos below by Emily Hewitt